The founder of MediaIntegra has been in Mac business since 1992 and consistently specializing in Apple platform serving the digital content creation market targeting on corporate and professionals with a unique approach to serve clients providing on-site support that help client to keep creative and productive.

In 2000 we started our new vision BROADCAST VIDEO after we implemented an Apple NAS solution for AVID System in Prima Entertainment, one of the leading production house at the time. The NAS utilize Apple PowerMac G4 Server with external SCSI RAID storage and LAN infrastructure.

Our first deal with Final Cut Pro and pro broadcast gear video gear started in 2001 where our team built a Final Cut Pro Edit Suite belongs to our self for sub titling TV program project. We utilized Final Cut Pro Ver. 3, PM G4 , Matrox RT Mac and analog VTR. Not like today’s video card, with the old card we still have to put additional serial port on the Mac for the VTR remote purpose.