Tangent Device – Arc Panel

Not everyone has the luxury of a dedicated grading suite, but when you do, and you want a control surface that makes a statement to your clients, then Arc is the panel to choose. But Arc has more than impressive looks; it has the controls, features, and ergonomics to match, allowing your skills to shine through and for you to make your own statement.

Arc takes its name from the way the panel sections sweep round in an “arc” in front of you, putting its many controls at your fingertips. The two outer sections can be swapped over to suite your handedness. When it comes to having lots of controls, one of the problems can be “just what does each control do?” This isn’t the case with Arc; every programmable control is clearly labelled with its own display, so if the function of the control changes, so does its display label. And with every control having its own label you won’t be left searching around in a darkened suite for the one you want; the display guides you to it. When Arc is used with the Tangent Mapper* you can even customise the layout of the controls.

*see the Application Support tab to see if your application supports the Tangent Mapper.

Precision and quality
Made in three sections, each section is precision machined from a solid aluminium block, making for an incredibly strong, and unbelievably thin profile. All rotary controls and trackerballs have optical pickups, which means they are long-life and high precision.The buttons are ultra-reliable with a positive tactile response. The displays are crisp, high-contrast, high-resolution, easy to read, dimmable, white OLEDs. The tablet tray at the front can be swapped out to allow for “no tablet”, or to keep up to date with changing tablet technology*

*tablet not included. Tray for Wacom Intuos Pro medium included, others options can be made to order.

Flexible support
Any application that supports the Tangent Mapper will already support the Arc panel. For some applications default control maps have been provided by the application manufacturer. Where no default control map is provided, it’s easy to make your own with the Mapper. Please check the Application Support tab for further details.

Please contact your software manufacturer for details of how to buy.

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