GB Labs designs and manufactures the fastest shared storage on the market. It Unparalleled Super Tier 1 performance gives users huge workflow efficiencies, with the ability to work and collaborate on HD and 4K projects live across the network.
Space has re-defined network attached storage (NAS), making it the true successor to the topologies used in fibre channel and iSCSI shared storage. These SAN technologies are notoriously complex to install, difficult to maintain, suffer poor scalability and require a high level of support.
Space overcomes all of these issues while delivering unprecedented levels of performance and scalability.

Main Benefits
Unparalleled Super Tier 1 performance, tested to deliver in real-world environments
Supports mixed OS connections, with no client software or drivers required
Scalable performance: go from HD to 4K and beyond
Massively scalable capacity with dynamic expansion
Cloud and remote data replication built-in

Space for Media Sharing
Content creation teams can work on files and projects together for complete creative freedom. With Space storage, Mac, Linux and Windows clients have simultaneous access to projects while administrators can specify users access rights, storage quotas and permitted bandwidth.

Purpose-built OS
Created from the ground up by GB Labs in-house developers, GB Labs Core is designed specifically for Space shared media storage. Built as a resilient and highly versatile OS, it provides an extremely robust platform, ready for mission critical environments.

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