AJA Ki Pro Ultra 12G DCI/UHD/HD Recorder and Player

The Ki Pro Ultra 12G DCI/UHD/HD Recorder and Player is a portable media recorder with a built-in 4.8″ LCD screen that is well suited to location as well as studio recording and playback. It supports recording a single 4K stream, either DCI or UHD 4K, as well as multiple HD streams in ProRes. Avid DNxHR and DNxHD recording are supported for a single channel in either 4K or HD. The Ultra 12G features a 12G-SDI input and output, as well as three 3G-SDI inputs and outputs. It also features a dedicated SDI monitor out, with overlays available in the menu system, and a rotary menu select knob with push-button VTR controls.

An integrated Ethernet connector allows you to control the Ki Pro Ultra 12G via a computer and web browser, and there’s a DB-9 connector for RS-422 control. The unit will easily integrate into a control room or OB van. Two media slots for AJA Pak media allow you to record endlessly as the Ki Pro will switch over to the empty recording media when the fist AJA Pak is full. The half-rack width and two rack height make this a highly portable unit and also suitable for rack-mounting with optional accessories. The redundant XLR power inputs allow for catastrophic failure of one power source with a second one as a backup, so you don’t lose a frame when recording.

ProRes 422 and 4444 Recording
The Ki Pro Ultra 12G can record your footage in DCI 4K/UHD 4K/2K/HD at six different quality levels of ProRes including 4444 XQ. This allows you to record your footage in the same codec accessible by many NLE systems, avoiding the need for transcoding before editing.

Avid’s DNxHD and DNxHR codecs are likewise supported, and you can record directly to them in the KiPro Ultra 12G, allowing you to take your captured footage directly into your Avid edit system. You can record a single channel of 4K using the DNxHR codec, and DNxHD is also limited to single-channel recording.

You can record and play back a single 4K stream, and you can also simultaneously record four HD streams. This allows you to capture from four different HD streams simultaneously into the same codec for editing, eliminating the need for later transcoding to make the source footage match the needs of your edit system.

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