AJA Hi5-Plus 3G-SDI to HDMI Mini-Converter

The AJA Hi5-Plus 3G-SDI to HDMI Mini-Converter allows you to output an SDI signal to an HDMI monitor. When used with a compatible HDMI monitor, it outputs a 30-bit Deep Color RGB signal, providing the full range of color available on a 3G/HD-SDI signal.

Using a free-download AJA MiniConfig control software, you get to select 8 of 16 SDI embedded audio channels and pass them to the HDMI output. You can also delay the audio from 0 to 7 frames for proper synchronization with the output video. Two channels of RCA audio output allow you to pass separate RCA audio at the same time with your HDMI audio. MiniConfig also provides detailed information about the current input and output formats, allows you to control all the parameters of the Hi5-Plus, and lets you download firmware updates. It’s compatible with Mac and PC and interfaces with the converter via a USB connection between the converter and the computer.

Key Features
Routes SDI Signals to HDMI Monitors
Outputs 30-Bit Deep Color RGB Signal
Passes 8 of 16 SDI Audio Ch to HDMI Out
0 to 7 Frame Synchronization Audio Delay
2-Ch RCA Analog Audio Output
PsF to Progressive Conversion
Includes International PSU
Configurable via AJA MiniConfig Software

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