The first Mac-based video reseller in 2003

With the complete expertise and experience both Macintosh since 1992 plus our experience in broadcast video has lead us to expand our horizon. We have evolution from Mac corporate reseller to become professional Mac based video reseller / integrator with Final Cut Pro.

As the first year as a Final Cut Pro reseller /integrator require our being patience and hard work because Final Cut Pro was still a new name and not yet widely accepted by local video professionals at the period. Unlike today, the video market was still dominated by AVID, Velocity etc.

Our first project as video reseller / integrator was to build a professional level Final Cut Pro edit suite for PT. Azura Telemedia (Femina Group). We utilize and integrate Final Cut Pro Ver. 4, PowerMac G4, Digital Voodoo video card, Betacam VTR, external SCSI RAID storage, analog audio and broadcast monitor.The system we built was to serve the uncompressed video workflow as the clients need.