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metaSAN is a feature-rich, robust and powerful SAN management software that sets new standards in high-performance, cross-platform and file-level sharing workflows. metaSAN provides the software building blocks that let you turn off-the-shelf storage and network components into an incredibly flexible, scalable and shareable storage infrastructure. Operational costs are kept to a minimum as you don’t need a storage or network administrator to maintain your SAN. With metaSAN, it is easy to integrate Mac, Windows and Linux into a scalable and unified workflow.

Typical applications:

  • SD, HD, 2K and 4K post-production workflow for film and video editing
  • Tapeless broadcast production with realtime ingest and direct-to-air playout
  • Large-scale 3D animation and special FX render farms
  • Computational cluster for scientific applications and satellite imaging
  • Shared application and user-space volume for VMWare and Hyper-V hosts
  • Scalable cluster of file servers with unified namespace and HA
  • Active/active and active/passive file and web streaming servers
  • Active/backup servers for increased backup performances

How it works:

metaSAN turns standard NTFS and HFS+ file systems into sharable SAN volumes. Unlike traditional clustered file systems that build the arbitration process straight into the data store logic, metaSAN keeps them separate. The benefits are important: by decoupling the arbitration process from the data store logic, the setup and the maintenance of your SAN is greatly simplified, data integrity is preserved, and your data is never held hostage of a proprietary file system. In addition, you never have to use proprietary tools to create, format, stripe, diagnose, repair and defragment your SAN volume, as you simply use the OS tools you are already familiar with.

metaSAN is a thin software layer that sits on all SAN members. One workstation - the master - acts as a traffic cop. It is the only computer authorized to manage the SAN file system. When a client computer needs to access a file, it sends a metadata request to the SAN master. Once it has located the file, the master computer informs the client computer where to read or write data, and the later can access the volume at full speed. metaSAN provides the file system translation technology that allows Mac, Windows and Linux computers to access the same data set.

All volumes managed by metaSAN are protected against rogue accesses using a non-destructive SAN protection mechanism. This mechanism lets you turn any regular volume – and the data it contains – into a true SAN volume. The SAN protection can easily be removed so your storage - and the data it contains - can be freed and accessed outside of the SAN again. This unique ability greatly facilitates troubleshooting and ensures you can ALWAYS access your data. This is why metaSAN proves to be so popular among facility owners that do not want to assign extensive IT resources to maintaining their SAN.

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