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Complete range of standalone converters

Whatever the needs of the production, AJA Mini-Converters offer the most complete range of compact, standalone conversion solutions, designed with quality video and audio combined with the highest standards in reliability.

Our converters are available in HD and SD lines, with a full range of conversion and associated capabilities.



Quality to rely on

AJA converters have earned a reputation for the highest quality and best levels of reliability.

Built to the exacting standards of all AJA hardware, Mini-Converters are backed by our world-class support network and 5-year international warranty.



SDI/Optical Fiber Converters

FiDO - Single and Dual-channel SDI/Fiber converters

SDI Converters

D5PSW - SDI protection switch

D10A - Component analog to SDI converter, 10-bit

D10CE - Universal SDI to component and composite converter, 10-bit

D10C2 - Universal SDI to component or composite video converter, 10-bit

D10AD - Universal component or composite to SDI converter, 10-bit

D4E - SDI to NTSC/PAL encoder

D5CE - SDI to NTSC/PAL or component converter

D5D - NTSC/PAL to SDI decoder

D5DA - SDI distribution amplifier

D10CEA - SDI to analog audio and video converter

Power Supplies

DWP-U-R1 - DWP Universal Power Supply


HD Converters

UDC - Up/Down/Cross Converter

ADA4 - 4-channel bi-directional audio A/D and D/A converter

3GM - 3G/1.5G HD-SDI Multiplexer

3GDA - 1x6 3G/HD/SD Reclocking Distribution Amplifier

GEN10 - HD/SD Sync Generator10 Blackburst and Tri-level Sync Generator

HA5 - HDMI to SDI/HD-SDI Video and Audio Converter

HI5 - HD-SDI/SDI to HDMI Video and Audio Converter

HI5 3D - 3G/HD-SDI Multiplexer To HDMI 1.4a and SDI Video
and Audio Converter

HI5-Fiber - HD/SD-SDI over Fiber To HDMI Video and Audio Converter

HI5 3G - 3G/Dual Link/HD-SD-SDI to HDMI Video and Audio Converter

HD10AVA - SD/HD analog composite or component video and 4-channel analog audio to SD/HD-SDI with embedded audio

HD10CEA - SDI/HD-SDI to Analog Audio/Video

HD10C2 - HD-SDI and SDI digital-to-analog converter, 10-bit

HD10A - HD analog-to-serial digital converter, 10-bit HD

HD5DA - HD-SDI/SDI serial digital distribution amplifier

HD10DA - HD/SD (dual-rate) re-clocking 1x6 serial digital DA

HD10MD3 - HD miniature digital downconverter

HD10AM - HD/SD 8-channel AES embedder/disembedder

HD10AMA - HD/SD 4-channel analog audio embedder/disembedder

HDP2 - HD-SDI/SDI to DVI-D and Audio Converter