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Power to go

The needs of video professionals are becoming more and more mobile. With more editorial and graphics being done on set and the ability to run full-featured software on laptop computers, the need for a compact video and audio I/O solution has rapidly increased. AJA Io products answer that call by providing desktop-level functionality in a portable form factor that’s powerful enough to deliver in the edit suite, and sturdy enough to handle life in the field.


Flexible I/O

Despite their small footprints, Io products are packed with comprehensive I/O options, like SDI, HD-SDI, HDMI, S-video and full audio connectivity.

Whatever connectivity your workflow demands, there’s an Io to meet your needs.



With support for major editing and graphics software, the Io family gives creative professionals the mobility they need without compromising functionality or reliability. Io XT and Io HD are Mac compatible, and integrate seamlessly with a wide range of professional applications. Io Express is a true cross-platform solution that allows you to use a single hardware solution on either platform as needed.



Integrated AJA conversion

All Io products feature AJA's high-quality real time hardware conversion technology. Incoming footage can be converted to a consistent resolution, simplifying editorial and different deliverable resolutions can be output from the same timeline without having to adjust your working resolution.



Breakout Boxes

All KONA cards feature an optional Breakout Box with supplied cables that enable extended I/O and the ability to easily connect to KONA without having to access the rear of the computer tower.