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Autodesk® Flame® and Autodesk® Flame® Premium software offer innovative tools for visual effects, advanced graphics, and 3D compositing in television and film post production. Flame and Flame Premium provide powerful ways to integrate ultra-realistic lighting into the core of your 3D toolset and a comprehensive set of effects tools for finishing stereoscopic 3D projects.

What Is Flame Premium?

Only Flame Premium combines Autodesk’s best tools for finishing with Flame 3D visual effects, real-time color grading, and a fully integrated timeline workflow in a single solution. Flame Premium helps you meet today’s tough creative challenges in post production with:

Innovative Relighting Tools

Video (7:39 min.)

Stereoscopic 3D Finishing

Video (15:19 min.)

Workflow with 3D

Video (2:45 min.)